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Hanyuu Furude
Recent Entries 
15th-Feb-2011 04:39 pm - fourth summer; audio & action
i am the time lord
I wonder how long its been since that day...

In c-celebration of the holiday, I have made s-some sweets for everyone in the Brigade, that is so! I also have some extras, so... T-that is... I-if you would like some then I'll be happy to share.

[ action; ]

[ housemates! you can find hanyuu in the kitchen, sneaking a few of the creampuffs she's made for the brigade. she's got specialized valentines day bags for each of you. ]

[ ooc; first comment belongs to gold! go for it! ]
21st-Jan-2011 11:05 am - third summer; action & audio
Stay or forever go
H... hauuuauuuauuuauuu...

[ there is one (1) loli goddess dumped at the fountain. unharmed, for the most part. but, oh, ladies and gentlemen. just get her talking and see the difference. ]
8th-Nov-2010 06:21 pm - second summer; audio & action
It's just a jump to the left.
S-Shirley, Fenimore, w-would you like to do some baking?

[filtered to keiichi]
[After the meeting, Hanyuu had promised Keiichi that she would call him once she'd settled a few things here. And, sure enough, after baking she's calling out a quick message.]

K-keiichi? Would you like to come over now?
4th-Nov-2010 01:16 am - first summer; audio & action
Stay or forever go
... this is... Luceti?

The house is so empty... Has it been so long?

I... I'm back, that is so. S-Stella, Haruki, Rena, Keiichi - a-are you still here?

[Anyone passng by may see the girl seated on the porch of the empty house 32.]
1st-Apr-2010 08:03 pm - 26; voice
Nothing else out there
filtered to senel and stellaCollapse )
filtered to harukiCollapse )filtered to the sos brigadeCollapse )
filtered to keiichi and renaCollapse )

... It's only been a little while, but i-it feels like it's been years since last spring.
22nd-Mar-2010 12:11 am - 25; voice
Nothing else out there
H-has anyone seen a l-little girl? H-her name is Rika a-and-- [She stops, heaving a shuddering sigh and hiccuping] S-she has long b-blue hair a-and purple eyes. Sh-she...

She can't be gone again...
24th-Feb-2010 07:36 pm - 24;; text
Nothing else out there
[The snapshot is missing from this post. It seems to be only capturing the image of a pile of candywrappers, which have most likely taken over Hanyuu's desk!]

Everyone is going crazy again, aren't they?

[ooc; Hanyuu is taken! Feel free to post afterward they comment!]
13th-Feb-2010 06:50 pm - 23;; voice & text
Nothing else out there
-can't find it anywhere...

[Shuffling papers! Hanyuu's darting back and forth across the room, frantically searching for something.] Hauuu! I-i need that cheer!

Maybe... here? [FWUMP! Someone is dropped on top of the journal. Hanyuu's still frantically searching in the background.]


[Most of the page is too crumpled to read, but one line is all too clear.]

Swim in the lake while wearing one of the punishment uniforms - tutu, maid, catgirl (if male, catboy in maids uniform?) - while yodeling a national anthem counting off bottles of beer on the wall counting backwards from a hundred singing a song praising the SOS Brigade. Should be done in summer or spring?

[So Luceti, how do you react?]
10th-Jan-2010 05:31 pm - 22; voice & action
Nothing else out there
[Well, Hanyuu's scurrying about the kitchen to try to make some delicious snacks. Winter storms are so pretty to watch - but it's been a long time since she's had to deal with one. All in all, she's in a great mood!]

Auau hauu hauu auau auu-wa hauuau!
Auau hauu hauu auau auu-wa hauuau!
Auau hauu hauu auau auu-wa hauuau!

I am called Hanyuu,
You can't see me, that is so
I was here since ancient times
Yet only Rika knows that, that is so

[So happy she's even singing. Oh boy. She doesn't seem to really notice that the journal's on - from where it's been propped up, as she planned to pay it attention after her cookies were in the oven, you can see her half-covered in flour, stirring a bowl and looking pretty content.]

nano desu!Collapse )
18th-Dec-2009 01:32 am - 21; voice/action
Nothing else out there
W-why are there so many people!?


[Well, guess who has come home at long last! She'll be trying to make her way home through the crowds!]
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